Moving forwards as a Pilates professional


3 things you can do immediately to help move the needle on your Pilates business.

Do you sometimes feel like you have loads of great ideas but you just don’t know where to start? Do you find yourself going around and around and struggling to find the way forwards?

Overwhelm can stop us in our tracks, it can prevent us from moving forwards and we can find ourselves procrastinating purely because we don’t know where to start or because the mountain just seems too impassable.

You may have all the support in the World but when those wheels keep spinning and you’re not getting traction, you feel alone and so far away from the finish line it might even feel like there’s no point starting.

How do I know? Because I feel it too. Some days it feels like I’m driving on black ice. Wheels spinning but I’m going nowhere, or I have lost control and I’m stuck in a spin, too dizzy to figure out which way is forwards or how to proceed.

So, what’s the key? How do we forge ahead, peel away our self sabotaging tactics, ease out of the mud and step onto solid ground?

Well, it starts with one small step. That’s it. Sounds easy right? Not at all. Not if you’re dizzy, not if you’re uncertain and not if you are without a map.

I want to share with you the 3 habits that helped get me unstuck. The 3 things I do whenever I can feel myself spinning out of control, scrolling social media, choosing mundane tasks over life changing opportunities.

Number 1 – Journal

Yep, just start writing. It doesn’t need to be curated, succinct or paragraphed. Put pen to paper and let it flow. You might write about how you’re feeling, it might become a poem, a story or a bunch of random words on the page that make no sense at all to anyone else but you. Journaling is not about writing down something that you are ever going to share with someone else (although there’s no reason you shouldn’t), rather it’s about getting out of your head the very thoughts and feelings that may be getting in your way from moving in the direction you want to go. Journaling might be difficult at first. It might even feel uncomfortable but over time journalling can be a powerful tool to help you find clarity and calm, to clear out the mess so that you can start a fresh. Give it a go – and give it time. 

Number 2 – close the tabs

Right now I want you to have a look at your search bar and make a mental note of how many tabs you have open. I’m going to confess, I’ve got eleven… and for me, that’s nothing! Sometimes I’ll have twenty tabs open all at once. How it happens I honestly do not know but I can tell you for sure, the more tabs I have open the less productive I am being. I used to try and fool myself, pretend that I needed all those tabs open just in case I needed to check in on something but the fact of the matter is, most of hose tabs are just a distraction from the work you are meant to be doing. Why would I need facebook, my CRM site, my booking site, my banking page, my accounting site, my Facebook ads manager, 2 shopping sites, a thesaurus, a dictionary and the weather channel open all at once? And yes, those are the tabs currently open on my laptop. So go on, have a look at yours and then ask yourself for sure why do you need each and every one. And then admit to yourself that most of them are distractions and keeping them open is stopping you from stepping forwards.

Number 3 – Write a list

Sounds easy right? Who doesn’t write lists? But lets be clear – there are lists and there is THE list. Personally I use the Notes app on my apple device. I love it. The app syncs with all my devices – phone, laptop, desktop so that I can access any notes I make any time of day from any device. It also means I have a lot of lists that have never been marked off. There are lists for books to read, lists of quotes, lists of things I need to buy and lists of things I need to do. If I scroll down far enough there would be lists I made months ago and never completed and lists I have totally forgotten I even made. So, my point is more than just writing lists (which obviously I still do) because they don’t always serve the purpose we intend of them. The one list I make sure I do complete is what I call my Daily 3. It’s the 3 things I must get done above everything else for the day – and I stick to this list religiously. Is it sometimes more than 3? Yes – BUT I always put my highest priority for the day at the top of the list and I absolutely must get those done. That way 2 things happen 1. I am consistently kicking goals and 2. Completing 3 tasks a day actually frees me up to be more productive. Some days I will get my top 3 things done before lunch. And then I can choose to either continue on with the rest of my list OR stop and do something for myself. Some days my top 3 will take up most of my day and that’s okay because they are my priority anyways. Either way, I get 3 tasks done every single day which is a far cry better than writing a list of 20 things and not getting anything done – which, believe me I’ve been there too.

So, there you have it – my strategy for getting out of the funk and back into the game. And let me confess why I wrote this article – because my wheels have been spinning too. Life has thrown us all a curve ball and some of us are struggling to pick that ball up and throw it back. I get it, I’m living it too and I needed to remind myself the importance of sticking to task – of looking at my long game – of making small steps to conquer the mountain range – of picking up the pieces by doing what I know works and of sharing that journey with you because knowing that I feel it too can make all the difference right now.

Go on, get on your bike and pedal. Start off slow, it’s okay and know that you will get stronger, you will be wiser and you can do this too.

Reach out if you need support and thanks for reading

Katie @The Pilates Professional